Get your factories and machines talking with our smart device powered by IoT platform, TGS and advanced data analytics tools for predictive maintenance. The factories are equipped with plants and machines in differents areas of factory campus and thus, managing and maintaining them is a task in itself. A smart and connected factory with real-time insights can increase the productivity and efficiency exponentially. It’s a hassle-free integrated factory management solution to run huge factory operations effectively. Enhance the overall value chain with the automated production process and energy management.

We aim to increase profits and productivity and reduce losses with an aim to build intelligent factories for a safer future and environment.


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Machine health monitoring

Remotely monitor your factories from anywhere and at anytime along with the functioning and health of your equipment increasing the reliability of the factories and its operations making management smoother

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Real-time energy monitoring

: make your factories energy efficient and increase your savings by reducing your energy bills with real-time energy monitoring

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Comparative data analysis:

With actionable data and insights from the comparative data analysis it provides a smart management solution

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Integrated operations

With real-time monitoring streamline all operations and improve asset efficiency by getting hold of all the big or small changes in factory vicinity, resource allocation, scheduling, for optimized resource management while controlling it all in real time.

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Real-time performance tracking

The real-time data of the plant and machine is analysed using advanced AI algorithms and data analytics tools to give graphs and performance evaluation analysis to increase and enhance your OEE

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Reactive to corrective management

: Data analysis along with graphs helps to identify, isolate, and rectify any and all faults and anomalies in real-time increasing the productivity, efficiency and reducing the operational expenses and losses

Equip your industries with the smart management system for increased productivity and efficiency.