Upgrade to intelligent urban mobility system with TGS, the one-stop shop for complete integration using the technologies of IoT and AI. With real-time monitoring and data aggregation using sensors the actionable data is stored on cloud giving remote accessibility with comprehensive control. The collected data is then analysed giving you the power of complete control of the movables with insights at your fingertips. The holistic IoT platform, TGS provides end-to-end solutions for an intelligent transportation system to make it efficient, reliable, safe, and environment-friendly. Reform the way people and goods move with TGS enabled modes of transportation.

A Hassle-free wireless smart management system to make your existing transportation futuristic.


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Vehicle health monitoring

With real-time vehicle health monitoring reduce maintenance expenses.

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Predictive maintenance

Using advanced AI algorithms and data analytics tools the data collected of the vehicles is analysed with behavioral analysis for efficient predictive maintenance

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Real-time location tracking

Keep a track of all your appliances from anywhere and at anytime remotely.

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Real-time alerts

Get complete control remotely with real-time location tracking

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Fuel monitoring

Get complete overview of the fuel in real-time data of fuel pilferage fuel monitoring to reduce your carbon emissions and improved mileage and eliminate fuel theft

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Driving analysis

complete transparency for safety of freight and customers with driving analysis and cruise control to prevent accidents and losses and to keep a track of rash driving and overspeeding

Reform the way people and goods move with TGS enabled TRANSPORTATION

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