A centralized system for holistic management that allows remote monitoring with cloud connectivity and mobile applications. It is an integrated system combining different controllers, modules, and sensors which are customizable as per needs. A smart investment decision to make affordable green energy for brighter smart future.

Actively control and manage generation and consumption of solar energy from different input panels to optimize their efficiency with real-time monitoring and alerts.


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Real-time fault and system imbalance detection

Increase productivity and reduce operational cost with real-time fault detection.

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Real-time data monitoring

Complete control over essential data to manage between O&M in real time.

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Power generation monitoring

Actively manage produced solar energy from different input panels while optimizing their efficiency by switching the controls between different production areas.

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Customized alerts and notifications

Get customized alerts in real-time for improved power with quality alerts.

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Solar power yield calculation

Accurate yield forecasting and performance failures for preventive maintenance.

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Remote control

Remotely access your solar farms with the remote control and manage energy easily and efficiently with optimized operations.

Your solar unit Anywhere. Anytime. Under your control

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