An integrated smart solution for smart logistics to connect your assets to intelligence with TGS. TGS is our IoT platform to integrate the assets making the entire supply chain management smart. Manage and control your assets in the supply chain with real-time monitoring optimizing the operations. The lack of transparency in the whole supply chain cycle has been the prime predicament and the root cause of major issues in logistics and cold chain industry leading to the rising problems like theft, adulteration, and the failure of detecting issues arising in the journey. TGS Logistics provides an adept system with absolute visibility for total control of the logistics industry and the cold chain industry. Manage all the parameters like temperature, humidity, energy, air flow, etc with the integrated smart solution to minimize wastage and maximize efficiency. Make your products safer with optimized asset utilization and end-to-visibility of the operations.

Reduce operational costs and increase profitability while making it safer and more secure than ever.


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Fleet Management and cargo integration

Control and manage your complete fleet by integrating it at one place in real-time from anywhere and at anytime. Monitor and manage the fleet telematics, location, vehicle health, and driving analysis and temperature in case of cold chain logistics

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Smart Inventory Management

Reduce your costs by controlling your inventory smartly with inventory planning and analysis preventing overstock and understock issues while ensuring security

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Real-Time Location Tracking

Know the whereabouts of your cargo and assets 24*7 from anywhere giving the logistics crystal clear visibility

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Smart Contract for Safety

Ensure safety of your goods and assets while managing insurance issues easily. A smart safety contract with real-time monitoring the goods and assets won’t be stolen, adulterated, or exchanged in their way ensuring end-to-end security.

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Automated Warehousing Operations:

Monitor and control your warehouses in real-time remotely while automating the operations with the control panel and customized alerts. Control its temperature and energy consumption with real-time monitoring along with customized notifications.

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Smart Consignment Management:

Manage your consignment smartly and efficiently with end-to-end transparency with real-time tracking and tracing of the consignment while ensuring its safety and timely delivery.

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Vehicle health Monitoring

: Real-time vehicle health monitoring for transparency regarding vehicle health and downtime etc.

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Automated data analytics

Advanced data analytics tools and AI algorithms are used to analyse the aggregated data to anticipate and predict future failures and abnormalities in your assets for predictive maintenance of the entire fleet as well.

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Smart Logistics Locks

Control the safety of your cargo and fleet 24*7 with smart logistics lock which are remotely controlled from anywhere. Your goods and assets under your control wherever they are.

TGS Logistics provides an adept system with absolute visibility for total control of the logistics industry and the cold chain industry.

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