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Expand your market visibility by aligning your machines, equipment, devices with Things Green making them intelligent and future ready. Secure more customers by providing warranty assurance and validating your products.

  • Deep understanding of every machine‚Äôs journey.
  • Complete transparency to pull up numbers anytime you need.
  • Enhance the product quality by knowing your machines in and out
  • Easy-to-introduce add-on features to drive up customer retention and revenue
  • Boost your goodwill with increased customer satisfaction.
  • Reduce R&D cost with post-sale quality monitoring.

OEE and OEM:

Rapidly build game changing smart , connected, innovative system and increase your outreach.TGS enables you to understand product performance post delivery enabling better understanding of product life cycle and improve the product quality. Design your client solutions powered by TGS for faster delivery, better efficiency and products meeting the global innovation standards.

  • Leverage from defined futuristic
  • Making your products smarter.
  • innovation without changing your current production lines and businesses
  • Focus on your core business competency improve your product without spending resources on R&D.
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