Buildings account for a major proportion of electricity consumption and even greater of electricity wastage. The increasing environmental and monetary cost of buildings are paving way for a new breed of smart buildings with smart building management system. A building management system links the functionality of individual pieces of building equipment so that they operate as one complete integrated system. A well designed and managed BMS provides great opportunities for improvements in energy efficiency as well as equipment efficiency.

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Real-Time Energy Monitoring

Optimize the energy consumption and reduce the electricity bills and increase the savings while saving energy.

Streamline Operations

Monitor and manage all the building operations, lighting, HVAC, lifts, water and energy consumption, etc on mobile devices or laptops all at one platform remotely.

Common Area Monitoring

Monitor and manage the common areas of building like swimming pools, gardens, basements, parking areas, etc for increased efficiency and easier maintenance.

Floor Management

Making management and maintenance convenient and smooth with segregated data for different floors facilitating comparative analysis for each.

Carbon Tracking

Giving the building a green makeover by keeping a track of the carbon footprint of the building to reduce it.

Efficient Asset Utilization

One platform to monitor all the building assets, lifts, ACs, etc to manage their health with predictive maintenance for efficient asset utilization. Manage and control all the appliances and their status remotely with the master control in real-time.

Human Resource Management

Efficient responsibility distribution and collaboration to maintain and manage employees effectively while reducing the labor cost.

Smart Prepaid Meters

Active consumer participation with complete track of their consumption and the billing information for increased savings. Pay-as-you-use energy consumption for easier maintenance and energy management.

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A smart cityscape for a bright future needs smart mobility.To bring the revolution we aim to bring the solution on a large scale to change the face of mobility completely by bringing a change at the source, at the automobile manufacturing industry.

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We are optimizing logistics with our integrated smart solution. We have developed connected logistics for collaboration, automation, and optimization, making it extreme logistics.

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We present our smart grid innovation with bidirectional communication that enables active consumer participation with a more decentralized model of the energy infrastructure in our drive to modernize the power supply chain.

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There is a need for high-quality cost-effective mass manufacturing by optimizing the process of injection molding for efficient and smooth processing accelerating production saving time and reducing costs.

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The manufacturing sector is dealing with inefficiencies and increasing costs, hindering its growth and impact on national development. An industrial innovation is needed for cost reduction, to drive the transition of production sites to smart manufacturing.

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